Five ways to “sweat” yourself rich!

Updated: Jul 8

If you want to be unstoppable, you need to be unshakeable and ready to work hard! Here are five ways to sweat yourself rich;

  1. The harder you work for yourself, the more results you will see. Stop taking the easy path; cook your own dinners (avoid paying for convenient meals), walk or ride a bike to work (you’ll feel better and save on gym memberships), grow your own vegetables, mow your own lawns, paint your own house and see how much money you can save! Get motivated to sweat for a great financial future.

  2. People are inspired by hard workers and will often lend a hand. Have you ever seen someone working really hard and offered to help? Action creates energy and your hard work is likely to attract the interest of others. People are inspired by motivated and determined effort, so you may be surprised what opportunities become available!

  3. Work yourself into a promotion or ‘side hustle’ to earn some extra dollars. Switch off the TV and read books that educate you. Be an expert on your field. Be great at what you do and commit to your own capability and development. Make yourself employable. Make employers chase you down. Read, learn, think, grow.

  4. Get motivated to tackle the shed, spare room or that forgotten cupboard. Declutter and sell all unwanted items. Be inspired to make a change to your household clutter and your pocket money. Dedicate a room/shed per week and start sweating! And while your at it; clean your desk space to be more productive and efficient at work! Put the effort in to be organised and you will save yourself loads of time and money!

  5. Pay down debts as soon as possible, then work towards becoming completely self-sufficient.

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