Five clever ways to get what you want without blowing your budget!

Updated: Jul 8

Have you seen something you want, but have no funds to afford it? Here are five clever ways to get what you want without blowing your budget!

1. Layby - despite how “old school” it may sound, layby's are a great way to get what you want while breaking up your repayments over multiple installments. In a world of instant gratification and “buy now pay later” schemes, paying off a layby feels satisfying AND you already own it!

2. Sell unwanted items to pay for new items - it’s not difficult to look around your house to find items that are no longer loved or needed. Clean out cupboards and garages to find excess household items that could be sold at a garage sale or online. Bundle up similar sized clothes into bulk packs as this can entice buyers who are looking for value for money, especially kids clothing or a bulk toys! Have a look online for comparative items to see what is selling and an approximate price guide.

3. Consider purchasing an ex-demo item (with retailer warranty) or second hand product for a fraction of the cost - we often find ourselves paying full retail price for items that are heavily discounted second hand, especially ex-demo appliances that are still in excellent working order. Don’t be afraid to ask a retail salesperson if they would consider a deal on a demonstration model that may become superseded by a new model in the near future. Make sure you check for a warranty and always get a receipt! If buying second hand from a private seller, always test/check the item before purchasing and remember: buyer beware. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

4. Consider offering your services to undertake extra odd jobs for friends, family or neighbours to boost your savings goals (ie; gardening, dog walking, ironing, detailing cars, window cleaning). Most people would be happy to help you achieve your goals by paying an agreed fee in return for your services.

5. Review and reduce other household expenses - we quite often waste money on bills and other expenses without even realising, so it pays to do a financial check up on all of your expenses. There are some considerable savings available when comparing insurance policies and reducing energy consumption to save on your next electricity bill. If you analyse your budget carefully, you should be able to find areas of spend leakage that may help you to fund a purchase that you really want! Good luck!

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