10 Inexpensive Ways to Enjoy Your Summer Holidays!

Updated: Jul 8

1) Keep it simple – embrace the simplicity and fitness benefits of outdoor activities, such as; scenic bicycle rides, fishing, picnics, bush walking, canoeing, camping and playing at the beach. This is a great opportunity to focus on family, not fortunes and make the most of quality time together. Remember to take lots of family photos and some candid shots for fun! Get outdoors and explore the simple things.

2) Save throughout the year – plan well in advance to deposit small amounts into a holiday account, including extra funds for activities and food. Avoid using high interest credit cards or personal loans!

3) Free community activities and events – there are plenty of local councils who organise fun family activities over the peak holiday periods to cater to tourists. Take a look in local newspapers, social media pages or shop windows to scout for free activities that will keep you entertained for hours at no cost!

4) “Stay-cation” – consider the option of forfeiting a family holiday to stay at home instead. You may be able to use this time to tidy the garden, catch up on your reading list, relax in a hammock or enjoy summer BBQ’s at home with friends and family. There may also be free events in your own community that could be a cost effective and entertaining break from being at home.

5) Pack snacks or a picnic – with a little bit of extra preparation and forward thinking, it is a wise investment to pack snack or a picnic when heading out for daily activities. It’s ok to budget for a few takeaway or restaurant dinners, however the most economical way to holiday is to avoid paying for convenient meal options throughout the entire holiday. You can also save a fortune by purchasing ready-to-eat meal options from a supermarket while you are out and about. Think ahead and save yourself hundreds of dollars!

6) Spend-free days – get creative with your activities and plan for a couple of spend free days while you are on holidays. This can be a fun way to “create your own adventure”!

7) Share the joy – consider the option of sharing accommodation with friends and family, car pooling to attractions, shared catering between social groups or picnics. Don’t be afraid to ask your guests to bring a plate of food if you host a BBQ. A holiday is meant to be relaxing, not to create loads of extra work for yourself.

8) Hire or borrow – instead of investing in expensive holiday equipment for entertainment, like surfboards, body boards, wetsuits, snow gear, camper trailers or boats, consider the option of hiring or borrowing equipment instead. If you have planned to use equipment only once or twice throughout your holiday, it makes sense to see if you can loan items for a fraction of the cost. Ask your friends or family if they have any holiday equipment or search online for reputable hire companies. You could be surprised what you are able to borrow and could save yourself an absolute fortune!

9) Switch off – use your holiday as a good opportunity to switch off your electronic devices and explore! This includes the temptation to shop online or hit the local shopping centre when boredom kicks in. You could be tempted to use your spare time on the internet and spend money that you wouldn’t normally spend. This is especially dangerous if your online payment method is credit card and your bill will be waiting for you when you arrive home! If you wish to explore local shops and markets, plan for a shopping day and give yourself a realistic budget (cash only) to indulge in some retail therapy. If you still feel the temptation to wander around the shops, read a book or play a board game with your children as free entertainment!

10) De-clutter - You could decide to take a shorter holiday (or no holiday at all) and spend some time de-cluttering your home. This also presents an opportunity to have a garage sale or sell unwanted items online and send some additional funds to your savings or debts. In addition to the potential income benefits of de-cluttering, it is also a refreshing way to start a new year and will deter you from unnecessary shopping trips to buy more things that you probably don’t need.

The YOLO Coach wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season!

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