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We love to create evidence-based wellness education programs with a focus on positive psychology, health and wellbeing. We are a social enterprise with heart and believe that everyone deserves a happy and healthy future. Our range of interactive workshops are designed to provide practical and actionable 'tools' to help our clients regain control over their future with a focus on all aspects of their wellbeing; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social & financial.


Although financial wellbeing is largely overlooked in the health, fitness and wellbeing industry, it is a significant cause of stress, uncertainty and conflict in many Australian households. It is our goal to reduce the mental illness epidemic throughout Australia by creating high quality education programs for our clients to access from anywhere. Face to face workshops and retreats are also available for community groups (ie; sports clubs, volunteers, not for profits, emergency services), corporate teams, fitness centres, healthcare workers, education providers (staff and/or students), Defence personnel (including dependents) and Youth.


We love what we do and genuinely value every opportunity to collaborate with key stakeholders on a board range of projects, please visit our Testimonials page for an overview of the organisations we have collaborated with or future projects we are working on.


We can provide the following services to suit the needs of any organisation:

  • Needs assessment and scoping

  • Evidence-based research

  • Program design and development

  • Program maintenance, review and refresh, and

  • Program delivery and facilitation

  • We also offer career coaching and Job Seeker services (including PEAP services through Defence Community Organisation)


Although we are still relatively unknown, we are quickly gaining momentum due to our thorough planning, project delivery, customised training programs, infectious passion and “can-do” attitude. We are a social enterprise with “heart” - we have aligned ourselves with a number of Community Objectives and provide a number of meaningful project opportunities for our growing team of suitably qualified, experienced and passionate resources. We have also aligned ourselves with a number of UN Sustainable Development Goals to reinforce our commitment to Social and Sustainable Procurement - Please refer to our Social Procurement Policy for further information. We believe that everyone deserves a happy and healthy future!

Thank you for taking the time to explore our website - our team profiles are available below! Please look after yourselves and each other during the current COVID-19 crisis and please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss our services in greater detail.

Stay well,

The YOLO Team!

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