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The recent turbulence relating to COVID-19 restrictions have left many people feeling confused, uncertain, anxious and overwhelmed, especially those who have experienced a significant change in their personal lives over the last few months. 


The 'Building Resilience in Uncertain Times' workshop has been developed to support the Mitchell Shire Community who are feeling the effects of this crisis and/or feel unsure about how to manage change. 


STEP 1 - Please download the workshop summary sheet prior to watching the video, which includes a summary of workshop topics and a series of self reflection activities.


STEP 2 - It may be helpful to gather paper and a pen to take notes as you watch the video below.

STEP 3 - Play the video below and remember to pause the workshop and take a break at regular intervals, if required. 


If you have any queries, concerns or feedback, please contact the Mitchell Shire Community Development team or contact YOLO Coach -