Is your household struggling under financial strain, which is causing conflict and resentment? Is your emotional and physical health suffering as a result of financial stress? Did you know that 1 in 3 Australian couples argue about or end their relationship due to arguments about money? Living with this stress is avoidable when you gain control over your financial situation by learning effective and sustainable budgeting techniques.


Budget Ninja is not just about how to save money, but how to organise it, how to spend it efficiently and how it can work for us (instead of always having to work so hard for it!). Successful budgeting is about Psychology, so all of the Budget Ninja resources have been thoughtfully developed to improve financial fitness.


The benefits of Budget Ninja:

  • Learn how to identify unhelpful spending habits

  • Keep your financial situation personal

  • Create a money map for financial goal setting

  • Build a realistic and sustainable budget

  • Learn how to become a smart shopper

  • Reduce household stress and conflict

  • Customise your budget to suit your needs


For more information, explore the gallery below;

Be productive.

Be proactive.

Be humble.

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of workshop participants have indicated that they will use elements of the BUDGET NINJA process to improve their financial future. 


“I think it is going to change my life” ~ Meagan


“Informative, very helpful. Easy to understand” ~ Kathie


“It helped me in all parts (of budgeting)” ~ Jenny


“Brilliant” ~ John


“Really learned a lot of things that I had not even considered... Fantastic presentation” ~ Bob


“Great principles that work!” ~ Cynthea


“Very well presented. You are passionate about all of this and you showed it doesn’t have to be difficult.” ~ Graham


“I now don’t feel overwhelmed with moving forward with finances.” ~ Graham

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