YOLO Coach has a strong focus on improving quality of life for veteran and defence community. 

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My name is Deb Herring, I am happily married with two young children and enjoy bicycle riding and dancing. I am also a current Army Reservist for Army Lessons-Smart Soldier Magazine.

I offer extensive experience in workplace wellbeing, leadership and training, including over 10 years' experience in leadership roles within the Australian Regular Army. With a genuine passion for Behavioural Science and Professional Development/Training, I welcome every opportunity to provide specialised services to all of clients.

I have a strong focus on providing high-quality service supporting the needs of my clients. I am passionate about empowering people to discover their own goals and passions. After our initial discussion, we create a plan with realistic and achievable goals.

I am proud of my achievements with community engagements and as such have a strong belief in helping the greater community. This is reflected through my strong stakeholder engagement and collaboration with Career Coaching, YOLO Retreats and the Veteran Expo. You will see testimonials throughout the website, which demonstrates my ongoing commitment to improving the quality of life for the Veteran and Defence community. 

My contribution to The Top Ender Tri-Service Magazine as the Editor has enabled me to identify needs, opportunities and support services, with a focus on uniting, engaging and connecting defence communities.

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Stay well,

Deb Herring

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“Great, simple, understandable. Well presented. Positive steps to increase wellbeing. Thank you!

- Hope