Last updated 2019

Be productive.

Be proactive.

Be humble.

Bachelor of Behavioural Science

Certificate IV in Training & Assessment

Procurement (Government and Private)

Certificate III in Leadership & Training (Defence)

Mental Health First Aider (General & Youth) - Accreditation

Certificate III in Fitness

As an expert facilitator with over a decade of experience in Procurement and training, combined with a passion for health, wellbeing and self-development (Psychology),

the YOLO Coach has forged ahead as an author of numerous lifestyle books.

With a strong understanding of holistic health and self-sabotaging patterns,

the YOLO Coach is committed to helping people;

  1. feel better about their lives and future aspirations

  2. increase financial fitness and decrease the negative impacts to physical, mental, social and emotional health

  3. increase knowledge to break through self-limiting belief systems that are unhelpful and unhealthy in ALL aspects of life!


Our lifestyle choices are interconnected...

Our thoughts drive our patterns of behaviour...


Living a proactive and intentional life

is the key to personal success!

My books and workshops are written with passion and determination. I listen to people and ask questions. I am intrigued to learn how other people overcome challenges or why they give up on other challenges. In my experience, I have learned that the best way to overcome obstacles and reach for the stars is actually a result of never letting go of that dream. Just keep moving forward. Keep trying. We constantly tell our children to keep 'getting back up' to face new challenges. We constantly reassure them that the world is not a bad place and we protect their dreams.... Ironically, we start questioning ourselves as we transition into adult life... Why is this? Why do we self-sabotage?

What is the real divide between people who are living their dreams and those who aren't?

Answer: unshakeable determination, consistency and persistence!

If we only knew what the future looked like,

we would be a lot more confident about chasing our dreams!


My dream is to write more books and facilitate lifestyle workshops.
To be a happy mum and a positive role model.

To help people break through self-limiting beliefs.

To create a world of healthy and happy blended families.

To prepare new mothers for the magic of motherhood.

To inspire others to take a leap of faith in any direction.

To maintain my own fitness and healthy lifestyle.

To continue building a financially strong future.

To be a supportive wife and to never face divorce again.

To face every new challenge and wear my 'scars' with pride.

To overcome anxiety and fight the "gremlins".

To relax (sigh) when I 'should' be doing a million other things!

To leave a legacy for future generations and to live a full life...

I am a mother, a wife, an author and adventurer, sharing what I have learned and reaching out to the world... Who knows what the future holds!?

You only live once!

Deb Herring